Abesabesi Grammar


Other Names Akpes
Speakers 7,000
Status (EGIDS) 7 (Shifting)
Location Nigeria
ISO 639-3 ibe
Glottocode akpe1248

Documenting Abesabesi

This grammar is the result of the documentation project Documenting Abesabesi sponsored by the Endangered Languages Documentation Project (ELDP). It relied heavily on the work and cooperation of the people of Ikaram, especially HRM Andrew Momodu and his two wives Olori Adenike and Olori Elile, Dr. Taiwo Agoyi, and all participants listed further below. The documentation project was part of the PhD project "An Electronic Reference Grammar of Abesabesi" by Jonas Lau, the main researcher. He is based at the Institut für Linguistik, University of Cologne and supervised by Prof. Dr. Birgit Hellwig. The documentation project consisted of two times three months fieldwork in Ikaram, Nigeria, where all recordings were made at the palace of the present Akala (king) of Ikaram, HRM Andrew Momodu. The first field trip took place from January to March 2019 and the second field trip from July to September 2019. Most of the produced recordings, transcriptions and additional data are openly accessible in the Endangered Languages Archive (ELAR).

The recorded data includes various genres, such as grammatical and lexical elicitations, personal narratives, procedural texts, proverbs, traditional stories, songs, dialogues, performances, and stimuli-based text production. While about 60% of the recordings were audio recordings, 40% were audio-visual recordings. The following twenty speakers between the ages 24 and 72 participated in the documentation project and contributed stories, translations, and transcriptions.

  • Janet Akeju
  • Adeoye Blessing Oluwaseyi
  • Abiodun Afolabi
  • Steven Ayodele Awolami
  • Bashiru Naibi Aminu
  • Arohunmolase Haruna
  • Caroline Elegbeleye
  • Chief Alice Elegbeleye
  • Prince Olubunmi Victor Daudu
  • Medinat Folashade Oludade
  • Laisi Rafiu
  • Adeolu Mercy Funke
  • Alamo Idris Alooma
  • Shittu Samuel Aderemi
  • Ajatta Adebowale Ilesanmi
  • Friday Jimo Ibrahim
  • Weehab Aminu Oshono
  • Chief Olaniran Samuel Jimo Eleperi
  • Victoria Aderinsola Ayetoro
  • Kayode Seth Banfe