Abesabesi Grammar


Other Names Akpes
Speakers 7,000
Status (EGIDS) 7 (Shifting)
Location Nigeria
ISO 639-3 ibe
Glottocode akpe1248

About the grammar

This grammar is the result of the PhD Project "An Electronic Reference Grammar of Abesabesi" by Jonas Lau. It is supposed to be a case study on how reference grammars can be digitized and therefore only contains exemplary sections of the Abesabesi sketch grammar. The full sketch grammar is part of the PhD thesis "An Electronic Reference Grammar of Abesabesi".

How to use the grammar

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You can also use one of the navigation tools to find exactly the information you are looking for. For example, you can use the index to search for a specific topic or access the table of content to see the structure of the grammatical description. The search field at the top left corner will quickly find keywords you are typing inside the grammar.

Completed grammar sections