Abesabesi Grammar


Other Names Akpes
Speakers 7,000
Status (EGIDS) 7 (Shifting)
Location Nigeria
ISO 639-3 ibe
Glottocode akpe1248
Welcome to the Abesabesi Grammar!

This is a digital reference grammar of Abesabesi, a minority language spoken in Ondo State, South-Western Nigeria. It contains a grammatical description of the language on different linguistic levels and additional resources, such as an Abesabesi-English dictionary and a text collection. Analysis and description are based on recordings made with members of the community of Ikaram. I am grateful for your support and advice. All recordings have been made within the project Documenting Abesabesi funded by the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP). Audio-visual recordings, transcriptions, etc. can be accessed through the Endangered Languages Archive (ELAR).

This grammar is part of my PhD project "A Digital Reference Grammar of Abesabesi. Towards a data format for digital reference grammars". at the University of Cologne. The complete grammar sketch can be found in the first chapter of the doctoral thesis.

Instructions on how to use this grammar can be found here. If you want to start reading right away, open the first section, browse the table of contents, open the index or enter a search phrase in the search field of the left navigation bar. You could also start off by reading general information about the language or the town of Ikaram.

Feel free to browse around!