Abesabesi Grammar

1 Introduction

Typological Relevance
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Relevance within Language
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This is a digital reference grammar of Abesabesi. Except for this introductory text, it only displays content of chapters 2 and 3 of the PhD thesis "A Digital Reference Grammar of Abesabesi. Towards a data format for digital reference grammars" by Jonas Lau (2021). While the structure of the Abesabesi Sketch Grammar and the section headings have been adopted, section numbers are not in accordance with the originals. As this digital grammar is merely an illustration for the thesis' findings, only a few sections from different parts of the grammar have been encoded (see following list). The rest are empty pages.
The Abesabesi Sketch Grammar has been developed within the language documentation project "Documenting Abesabesi" funded by the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP). The resulting audio-visual corpus can be accessed here.